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How Hemp Help in Muscle Growth- Hemp Protein Powder

In the current scenario, people are concerned about the environment and animal welfare. So due to this, people are diversifying their diet by choosing plant-based protein. Yes, plants are a good source of protein; the human body lacks the amino acids it needs and can’t produce itself. By consuming all plant-based protein sources, the body gets all the required kinds of amino acids that the body needs.

There is one plant-based protein source that is growing rapidly is hemp protein. Hemp protein is used to support muscle growth. Gaining lean muscle is a popular trend among fitness lovers and is tough to achieve. Therefore, striking a balance between consuming foods that give positive energy to the body without obtaining body fat is difficult. So, eating a good source of nutrients is essential to maximize the effect of training.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes use hemp protein Powder. It is not only used by vegetarians, vegans, or others who suffer from intolerance, like gluten or dairy, but almost everyone can use it.

So, this blog covers why to consume hemp protein to support muscle growth.

What is Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp protein Powder is produced from the cannabis plant, and it is a fantastic source of plant-based protein. However, hemp protein does not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. The plant is sustainable, can survive in any climate, and is used in many ways. As to history, hemp seed has been a good food source for thousands of years.

Hemp is not only offering protein but fiber and is used for medical purposes in the Mediterranean, Morocco, and Egypt. You can include hemp in your diet in two ways:

  • By removing shell (Hemp Hearts).
  • Powder made from ground seeds.

Both approaches provide protein and nutrition to the body. If you include plant-based food in your diet or not, hemp protein will be a great staple.

Nutritional Value of Hemp seed Protein

Hemp protein includes 20 amino acids with all essential amino acids. The body cannot synthesize these amino acids; thus, it is obtained from the diet. Hemp protein is a good source of glutamine, and it is beneficial for those looking to build muscle and is commonly used to help buffer high training demands. Also, hemp is a good source of leucine, the key amino acid in branched-chain amino acids.

Leucine is shown to promote muscle growth and this essential amino acid, a rich dietary source of leucine, is beneficial for building muscle.

Benefits of Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp provides numerous benefits to the body. It is considered a vegan product and a good source of essential nutrients. It is not only beneficial to athletes but helps in improving overall health.

  1. Lean Protein for Strong Muscles
    The human body needs protein to build tissues and automate the repair of cells. However, it is crucial for growth and development. You can also find protein in animals, eggs, dairy, and beans. But, hemp powder is a complete source of lean protein and contains nine essential amino acids. It does not contain harmful fats and bad cholesterol compared to meat.
    Hemp is similar to egg which contains albumin and Edestin. The protein will regulate your brain activity and nerve functions.
  2. Muscle Recovery
    Having a high protein level in hemp can significantly help with muscle recovery. In plant-based protein, it contains all nine essential amino acids to aid in healing. The anti-inflammatory effects of hemp treat muscle soreness; due to this unique quality, people prefer consuming hemp. While working out causes tiny tears in muscle tissue that muscle proteins build back up.
    The proteins help repair the muscle and make the tissue thicker and more robust, building strength and durability for the body. Hemp will reduce discomfort and soreness after a workout, providing an extra protein boost to your body. Especially if you are recovering from physical injury, then protein makes your muscles strong.
  3. Antioxidants Ward Off Illness
    Hemp powder provides antioxidants like vitamins E and A, and the seed has a compound called lignin amides. As an antioxidant, lignan amide offers bioactive and protective properties. It not only has antioxidants but also has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti – hyperlipidemia effects. The antioxidants will decrease the risk of heart diseases like atherosclerosis.
  4. Weight Loss
    The fiber in hemp will aid in weight loss by enhancing metabolism and digestion. Hemp includes both soluble and insoluble fiber that is beneficial for gut health. Soluble fiber will provide digestive bacteria nutrients that regulate cholesterol and sugar levels. However, the insoluble fiber helps in thickening the stool, which passes through your system more easily.

How to Use Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp protein is used in different ways, like protein shake mixed with food like porridge or yogurt. When you are looking to build muscle, dietary protein needs must be met, so the versatility of hemp protein makes it a convenient choice. Its amino acids help increase muscle growth, and omega of 3:6:9 ratios promote an anti-inflammatory effect.

The protein is well suited to support the needs of those who train hard. Building muscles requires regular training and helps with recovery between sessions.

Hemp Protein Dosage

It is advisable to take 30g of TPW hemp protein 2 to 3 times daily or as needed. Add 150 ml to 250 ml of water or juice. Shake well and consume. The more liquid you use, the thicker your shake will make, or you can change it as per the requirement.


Hemp is an excellent source of protein from plants and is a protein that has all essential amino acids. But, it is deficient in some amino acids, like Lysine. In addition, it’s low in leucine, an amino acid, and plays a crucial function in triggering muscle protein synthesis. If you train for strength, eat a variety of animal and plant-based food, and eat food rich in leucine during your workout to ensure that your muscles can absorb more of this amino acid, which aids in the process of muscle repair. The hemp products like hemp powder and protein from HempInIndia will help build muscle.

By Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh is the CEO & Founder of Hemp in India. With Hemp in India, he has taken an initiative to Educate-Cultivate-Elevate the significance of the magical plant ‘Hemp’. Driven with the aim to save mother Earth, he is on a mission to redefine the future of Indian agriculture & create a pathway for sustainable living with the power of wonder crop Hemp.
He is actively involved in educating the benefits of industrial hemp to society and assisting farmers in discovering the best practices of cultivating hemp.

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