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Global warming is taking over the world by storm! HEMPININDIA has already been given a number of warnings but all we did is ignore or turned our faces away from it. From one earthquake after another to glacier bursting to hailstorms and more, things are terrifying with every passing day.

What We Do

Our Mission & Vision

When the raw materials are organically produced, the products turn out to be amazing quality as well.
Hemp Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
HEMP IN INDIA take pride in ensuring that the hemp we grow, is grown organically, sustainably and responsibly.
women-Empowerment img
Women Empowerment
We ensure consistency in final products as we maintain and manage storage and processes at every level.
Industrial Support
Our primary objective is to empower the farmers with know-how and skills, with a support of technology, so we can get the best products, using best of both worlds.
Worlds-Rejuvenation img
World’s Rejuvenation
We’re striving to make rural India self-reliant using what they do best, agriculture. We provide the know-how and technology, they provide the smiles & camaraderie.
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World with Cannabis
We have a detailed wiki section on the site that keeps expanding, on hemp farming, benefits of hemp, medicinal values of Hemp and so on…
Pushing Hemp All Over The World

Our Mission

HempInIndia takes complete responsibility for all the legal needs of the Indian and International Governments to develop better trade and farming relations so that hemp farming can be promoted and farmers can be benefited from it!

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Construction Material

Using hempcrete for your building needs can certainly bring a lot of advantages. The best part of it is that it is completely recyclable. To make it more clear, take a look at why one should not hesitate and opt for green hemp construction:

  •  Heat and sound insulation material.
  •  Fire resistant.
  •  Lightweight.
  •  Preserves an excellent level of breathability.
  •  Reduces CO2 emissions.
  •  Insect and microbe resistant.
  •  Energy saving.
  •  Completely. biodegradable.
  •  Cost-effective.

Potential Weapon

Plastic Alternative

HempInIndia can be taken into consideration when it comes to producing durable, strong, and eco-friendly plastic alternatives. 

Medical Care Advantage

Another major boost one get with hemp leaf and flower is that it can be taken into consideration for a wide range of medical benefits. 

Valuable Degradable Product Source
You can also consider using hemp seed oil to produce non-toxic paint, diesel fuel, detergent, varnish, ink, and lubricating oil.
Clean Fuel And More

Hemp can also get converted into clean fuel just like corn. In fact, hemp is known for producing more biomass than any other plant .

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