Hemp Protein Powder

Organic Hemp Seed Powder

Hemp is acknowledged as one of the most distinct Cannabis sativa plant varieties. This plant can be harvested to enhance the seed production or fibers available in the stalk of the respective plant. Organic Hemp protein powder is produced with the assistance of seeds of the respective plant. This powder is a source of nutritional boost just like flaxseeds. Consuming this powder will help you give your body a treat of chlorophyll, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and minerals without any involvement of cholesterol, saturated fat, sodium, and even sugar.

Bulk Hemp Protein Powder Suppliers

The demand for organic hemp protein powder is getting high and the reason is it is a powerhouse of protein and amino acids that will do loads of good to your body. Being one the best and most reliable bulk hemp protein powder suppliers in the business, you can always trust us and avail the best quality powder that will help you enhance your protein intake, enhance fat burning, boost heart condition, improves metabolism, and also reduces risks related to osteoporosis. You can have this powder as given below:

You can have this powder as given below:

Nutritional Analysis

If you are thinking about understanding the details of ingredients you get with protein powder then you can go through the information given below. You will surely be clear about how beneficial it can be to your body and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


Trans fatLess than 0.1g  0g
Saturated fat5.34g8.33g8.94g11g
Monounsaturated fatty acids5.94g13g11.1g13.0g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids39.24g63g71.40g75.4g

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways in which you can use hemp protein powder. For instance, add two scoops in a green or fruit smoothie to make it healthier and more nutritious. You can also add protein powder to oatmeal, yogurt, and other types of drinks for daily consumption.

The protein powder obtained from hemp is gluten and lactogen free. Therefore, people suffering from gluten or lactose intolerance can easily consume it without worrying about any allergic reaction in their bodies.

Hemp, although belonging to the Cannabis sativa family, doesn’t contain THC. It is one of the many reasons for the safe consumption of hemp protein powder. Additionally, the absence of THC doesn’t interfere with the psychotic functioning of an individual.

Hemp protein powder is an amazing supplement to eliminate obesity. Firstly, it contains a lot of fiber that curbs hunger and keeps you full for a long time. Therefore, controlling your food intake will be much easier. Furthermore, the chemicals present in the food increase metabolic reactions, thereby allowing to burn more fat.

Hemp protein powder is best suited for people looking forward to cutting down on carbs and maintaining their nutritional intake. It provides all the nine amino acids needed by the human body for cell growth and repair.




Bulk HEMP PROTEIN POWDER Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers

We have been providing bulk hemp protein powder orders from all around. This product has been a huge hit as it promotes bone health and also enhances energy levels. Not only this, but it also helps you recover from various injuries and diseases. So, this is the reason why the demand for bulk hemp protein powder is getting high with every passing time. Being one of the most prominent bulk hemp protein powder wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, we will help you with it at a very nominal range. Reach out to our team now!

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