Cultural Significance of Hemp (Bhang) in India

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Social Meaning of Hemp (Bhang) in India Hemp, known as “bhang” in India, holds a novel and diverse spot in the social, strict, and economic tapestry of the country. With a set of experiences that stretches back millennia, hemp has been loved for its flexibility and respected in different conventional practices. This article investigates the […]

Hemp vs. Cotton: Comparing the Environmental Impact and Versatility

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Hemp vs. Cotton : Comparing the Environmental Impact and Versatility- The fabric you use to make apparel needs to be produced from different types of fibres, most of which are made artificially by combining different elements. However, two natural fibres are being used increasingly in the textile industry. These are cotton and hemp. Considering this, […]

Hemp Fabric: The Eco-Friendly Choice for Clothing

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Hemp Fabrics: The Sustainable Choice for Fashion Are you looking for a sustainable option for your clothing? Look no further than hemp fabric. Derived from the cannabis plant, hemp is a durable and renewable resource that has been used for centuries to make clothing, textiles, and even paper. In this blog post, we’ll explore the […]

Exploring the Potential of Hemp Fiber in India -Discover its Benefits and Applications

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Hemp Fiber in India: Sustainability, Strength & Versatility Introduction Hemp fiber has been a part of India’s history for thousands of years. The plant is known for its strong and durable fibers, which have been used to make a wide variety of products, from clothing and rope to paper and other goods. In recent years, […]

Hemp Clothing: Facts, Uses & Benefits

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Hemp Clothing People only know that Hemp is the common name for the cannabis plant. It is used for making paper, biodegradable plastic, healthy food, and fuel but have you ever heard about hemp clothing? Yes, you heard right. Help is also used in making clothes. Rather than being a highly sustainable crop, it will […]

What makes hemp paper better than normal paper?

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What Makes Hemp Paper Better Than Normal Paper? The paper made from hemp is a great alternative to conventional wood paper. A better renewable source for the world’s paper supply would be hemp, as opposed to its rapidly diminishing population of trees. History shows that the very first paper in history was partly hemp, and […]