World’s Rejuvenation With Hem

World’s Rejuvenation

Planet Earth needs us! We are continuously spoiling with the misuse of our powers. We are not only playing with the natural resources but our lives and most importantly the FUTURE! We humans need to stop this to the core extent. This is why we, at Hemp In India are working hard for the product of Hemp. Hemp is one of the plants that was spun to usable fiber and that too more than thousands of years ago. But, after this, the people went crazy over plastic and other products without thinking about how it can damage the earth in the long run. But, we at Hemp In India are now striving to get hemp back so that our earth can get back to its old glory. It is the perfect medicine to stop global warming and help our planet overcome all the challenges it is facing. We are making farmers in Uttarakhand invest their time in hemp farming and not only help the planet but themselves to lead an excellent lifestyle.

If you are still thinking about how hemp farming can help the world rejuvenate itself from all the dirt and dust, then take a look:


Plastic is the biggest poison we as a human have made. It has become one of the major conversation topics these days as it takes around 400 years to decompose. This can be a nightmare for the environment to deal with as we have more than 9.2 billion tons of plastic in our bags. Hemp can replace plastic and save the planet from bowing. It is biodegradable and there is no other alternative to plastic that can help the planet survive. The best part is that the companies like Lego and Coca-Cola are already using it. This move will reduce toxic chemicals that are found in landfills and the ocean.

Paper & Cardboard

The paper we are using is basically made from wood and this is causing deforestation. So, the climate is getting affected and boosting CO2 exposure in the atmosphere. All of this can also lead to soil erosion and displace indigenous people and animals. So, the damage is more quite big than we can think of. Trees take quite some time to grow and our cutting rate is faster than a plantation. So, it does become a big issue to address. This is when hemp can be used as a perfect alternative to harvesting for papers. It is not only stronger than the normal paper but also can be recycled up to 7 times.

Fabric, Textiles, And Rope

Hemp is taken into consideration for textiles and fabrics for thousands of years. Using hemp in the clothing industry can bring remarkable change to the clothing industry. It helps in fighting against soil erosion, water pollution, and more. In fact, one acre of hemp will help you with 2 to 3 acres of cotton and is 4X warmer. When compared to cotton, it is stronger and gets softer with every wash. Not only this, the hemp clothing will help you avail features like breathable, odor-resistant, UV protectant, and more.

Building Materials

The basic foundation of building structures like a house or garage or even a can all be done with the use of hemp alternatives. In fact, hempcrete is a perfect source that has been produced with the use of industrial hemp. It is lighter and as strong as the normal ones. Not only this, these products are great insulators, non-toxic, breathable, and pest resistant. Most importantly it can last for hundreds of years without any damage. It can also be used as a steel alternative. In fact, it has been seen that hemp is stronger and better than steel in every which way. There are a number of automotive companies working with industrial hemp steel that can be very hard to dent. It will help you reduce toxic chemicals and emissions out in the environment and help stop carbon to expand and grow.


Hemp can be taken into consideration for biodiesel with the use of hemp seed into oil and then the product of methanol and ethanol with the help of fermented stalk. Hemp biodiesel fuel can run any kind of diesel engine and that too without harming the environment in any which way. It is completely different from fossil fuels as these are biodegradable, produce less greenhouse gas, and are non-toxic.

Why Hemp In India?

We, at Hemp In India, are doing all that is needed to run the hemp production high in Uttarakhand. The above-made pointers reflect how Hemp can bring a dramatic change to the world and help our planet get back on its knees. It is the best option for the World to rejuvenate.!