Farmers Empowerment

Farmers Empowerment

Hemp Organization’s idea of hemp cultivation has literally changed the world of Uttarakhand farmers. Rather than surviving, now they are thinking about how to grow and live a better lifestyle. But, before giving light on the aspect of farmers empowerment let’s take a look at how hemp has come a long way with the assistance of Hemp Organization. We are harvesting hemp to serve countries all around the world for different purposes like medicine, clothing, food, paper, construction materials, and more. This is making the entire world bring back hemp again in the forefront because of its positive results for the sake of the environment.

You will find now most of the developing nations and countries are investing in different policies that can help in hemp cultivation and its development. This can literally bring a big boost to the Indian economy.

Developments For Hemp Harvestation

With more than 60 percent of the Indian population being farmers, it is quite shocking to acknowledge that it contributes only 18 percent of the GDP. Yet, most of our farmers are living miserable life suffering from debts all through their lives. But, now for a change, we, at Hemp Organization are now helping farmers get license to promote hemp cultivation. This multi-beneficial crop can certainly bring immense benefits to farmers here. With more than 30,000 products being manufactured from this plant, the demand will be huge and this can certainly bring immense financial benefit to the farmers that they can’t even think of. So, we are making every single farmer to come ahead and support us with hemp cultivation that can give them lifestyle they are willing to have.

Empowering Farmers With Hemp Cultivation

Farmers in Uttrakhand are always living in fear of their vegetable crops getting destroyed either through natural disasters, wild animals, or extreme weather conditions. But, with Hemp Organization, they do not have to stress at all. We are there to assist in all situations. Earlier, it was impossible for farmers to earn even for their survival and this pushed them down on big debts. But, now we are helping farmers cultivate hemp with all the responsibility on our shoulders. To make it more clear, below mentioned are a few of the points that show how hemp cultivation can make their life immensely better:

The first reason is that farmers can grow this plant even in barren lands.

  •  When it comes to hemp, it grows at its best in the hilly terrains and cold climate. So, Uttarakhand can certainly make the most out of it.
  • In a matter of 3 to 4 months, this plant will be grown up to 12 feet in height. So, in this timeline, it will be ready for harvesting. Farmers will not have to wait for 10 months like they do for cotton plants to grow.
  • Another reason why hemp is the best alternative of all is that it can be cultivated with the use of significantly less amount of water and eventually no herbicides.
  • While cultivating in other plants, you will have to use a wide range of pesticides to save it from bugs but, in the case of hemp, you will not have to worry about it all.
  • Uttarakhand has a massive existence of ghost villages where large numbers of people have migrated to other lands for better opportunities so it can be used and turned to gold with the help of hemp cultivation. With hemp cultivation, all the inhabitants can come back and earn even better without having to leave their land. In fact, it will help them stay with their family and get an opportunity to enhance their lifestyle.
So, in this way, farmers can show back to their past and lead an excellent life with hemp cultivation. We, at Hemp Organizations, are highly acclaimed names in the business that is going the distance to help farmers in every way to cultivate hemp and lead an excellent lifestyle. From purchasing 100 percent of their cultivated farm to ensure that they get every support during the time of need, we will stand by them. This clears how farmers can grow and so does the way it will help our country in different ways.