Women Empowerment

Hemp Women Empowerment

We, at Hemp In India, are working closely with the women of Uttarakhand villages and are surprised to see the amount of dedication they are showing while being part of this project. Women are more than happy when it comes to contributing to hemp farming. We are helping them with all the training and guidance they need to succeed in this and gain the best results out of it and help their family lead a good lifestyle.

Why Women’s Contribution Matters?

It has been seen that most of the women’s partners are moving to different locations so that they can enhance their earnings. So, they are burdened with the task of managing household activities. They are unable to contribute to their family through any kind of financial benefits. They are always focusing more on unpaid activities and this makes them suffer economically and emotionally as well. All these reasons have boosted poverty levels in the rural families of different Uttarakhand villages. As they are unable to contribute much financially they have lost confidence and are unable to speak up in different community affairs and family needs. But, Hemp In India is here to change this and boost Women’s Empowerment.

How We Are Helping Women Find Their Lost Space?

With gender equality buzzing in all years it’s time that we guide women to live up to their potential and show everybody what they are capable of. There is nothing that men can do and they can’t! So, we are helping women in Uttarakhand in different ways so that they can contribute equally and help their family as well, check it out:
  • We are training and enhancing the skills of women so that they can contribute to hemp- based agro-industries.
  • We are helping them boost their marketing skills as well.
  • We are guiding them about different ways they can work on income-generating initiatives.

These are a few of the basics that we are doing for them so that they can live with their chin up and enhance their lifestyles. This will not only boost their way of living but their future as well. In this way, we, at Hemp In India are contributing towards Women Empowerment!