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5 ways Hemp can help you quit smoking?

In India, millions of people are chronic and addicted to smoking. People are trying their best to quit smoking products, but it never goes well. The nicotine patches and gums are not always strong enough to restrain nicotine dependency. To eliminate their smoking habits, people are switching towards hemp as it provides a practical solution. 

However, Hemp is a cannabis plant filled with medicinal terpenes and cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD is a more powerful non – psychoactive cannabinoid than 100 cannabinoids. Hence the smokers have a higher chance of quitting smoking.

Effective Ways How Hemp Will Helps You in Quitting Smoking

  1. Natural ingredients

The hemp flower does not contain tobacco, nicotine, or other harmful chemical substances. The content is 100% natural and makes the CBD stronger and efficient in smokes. The taste of hemp flowers is better than cigarettes. It doesn’t enable you to enjoy the flavor and experience while knowing that it is natural and healthy ingredients. 

CBD is a non –toxic active cannabinoid ingredient, and also it does not change the function of your mind. It will restore your brain function that is altered by nicotine for years. Hemp cigarettes will help you and your mind get a natural state of mind.

  1. Cost – Effective

Hemp does not require to be consumed frequently as much as tobacco to gain long-lasting sedative effects. After quitting smoking, you can also analyze how much you have saved in your bank account. Then you will realize how much money you have wasted on this addiction. The monetary saving will be the best motivator to continue with hemp and ditching cigarettes for a lifetime.

  1. Remove Tobacco Symptoms

The nicotine in tobacco cigarettes is more addictive than cocaine and heroin. After you leave the cigarettes, the person’s symptoms and pain are unbearable, like insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, high blood pressure, and increased appetite. 

However, the hemp does not come with this symptom; instead, it will give you relief from this. Its chemical properties will change your brain endocannabinoid receptors to give you calmer and more positive feelings. Hemp CBD reserves nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The CBD will restore the development of neurotransmitters that will provide you with the same calmness and sedated feeling without requiring nicotine. The body automatically produces neurotransmitters naturally, so your withdrawal symptoms won’t be severe.

  1. No Offense of Law

Legally everyone can consume hemp products because it contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Anybody who knows about cannabis knows that THC is the cannabinoid that can cause a person to feel psychoactive effects. For that reason, recreational marijuana is illegal in some places in the country. However, hemp is legal for smoking because it does not create psychoactive effects.

  1. Smoke Feels Like Regular Cigarette

To quit smoking, forget about consuming CBD oil and CBD edibles. There is a psychological factor to leaving smoking hemp being discovered. Most smokers require cigarettes to feel tobacco because they are habitual. It makes them feel that their needs are fulfilled. If you want to remove the smoking habit, why not smoke hemp?

The smokable hemp product will provide you with the same experience as tobacco. You will require lighting up as if you are just using a regular cigarette. It will give you the knowledge that you are smoking a high–quality tobacco cigarette. It will train your mind to ignore the desire to smoke.


If you are looking for smokable hemp products, then various brands in the market are available. But Hemp in India products are best to consider because they are made from 100% natural ingredients, have high CBD potency, and gain popularity. It is the best time to fight your addiction and opt for hemp.

By Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh is the CEO & Founder of Hemp in India. With Hemp in India, he has taken an initiative to Educate-Cultivate-Elevate the significance of the magical plant ‘Hemp’. Driven with the aim to save mother Earth, he is on a mission to redefine the future of Indian agriculture & create a pathway for sustainable living with the power of wonder crop Hemp.
He is actively involved in educating the benefits of industrial hemp to society and assisting farmers in discovering the best practices of cultivating hemp.

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