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It is seen that the problems that we are experiencing in our climate, environment, and other parts of nature are just a few examples that things are not right. If we do not act on it now, it will certainly become severe and turn into a huge collapse in a matter of a few years. So, we all need to bring this to an end and ensure that there is no further damage to planet earth.

We have already hurt our planet quite significantly. So, we need to work on ways that can help us get our planet back like before. Now we are suffering from issues like climate change, natural disasters, problems in weather patterns, and many more. So, we need to look for ways that can help us save our planet from major damage in the coming future. If you are looking for the same then you have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We are here to help you with a few of the ways that can assist you to save the planet and make a difference.

Ways That Can Help Us Save Earth


We have analyzed a few of the ways that can certainly help you make a difference and help our planet recover. If you are thinking about how an individual will be able to make a difference then you need to think big. You can inspire many and this can make many to work accordingly. It is important we all lead the way to save our planet from the end.

If you are thinking what are the things that we need to change to help our planet then there are many things that can be done every single day to assist our planet from any kind of poison. The rise of carbon footprint and greenhouse gases has certainly impacted our planet quite strongly. But, if we act wisely from now, things can certainly get in our favor and we can bring our planet back from a near end.

To make things more clear, below mentioned are a few of the ways that can help us save the planet and give our future a perfect gift, check it out:

Water Conservation


You need to start from little and even that can make a big difference. If you are turning the tap off even during the time you are brushing your teeth is doing a world of good to our planet. So, you need to look for ways that can help you save and conserve a lot of water. You might not even know that your leaky faucet might drain out more than 340 liters of water every single day.

So, make sure that there is no such damage around that is causing you a lot of water loss. It will help save water, money, and also help our planet from getting any kind of damage. In fact, you must also stop using bottled waters as it can reduce the use of plastic waste as well in the process.

Using Car Consciously


You must know that if you are not using your car for just two days it can also literally bring greenhouse gas emissions by around 720 kilograms per year. So, things can certainly make a major impact even if you go slow. So, all you need to do is to use your vehicle wisely rather than carelessly.

You can cover all your regular trips at once. Right for hitting the school to the grocery store and other needs, you are covering at one go. If possible work from home. All these small changes can literally make a big difference and help you save the planet. The air pollution will get a lot lesser and you will have better quality air to breathe. This will also help you remain safe and healthy.

Walk Or Take Public Transit


One of the biggest moves you must take to make an impact to make this world a better place to live is changing the way you commute. It has been seen that the mode of transportation is causing big harm to our planet by polluting the air. With the surge in private cars, the damage being done is increasing with every passing day. So, if we make little changes in our lifestyle things can work in our favor.

The best possible way to do so is by walking or using a public mode of transport. You can also consider opting for the carpool option as all these aspects will help you curb any further damage to the planet. Things will certainly move in the mode of recovery and we will start feeling the difference.

Reuse And Recycle


One of the biggest damages to the planet has been waste management. All our waste literally causes a lot of harm to this planet. So, you need to make sure that you are reducing all sorts of waste pollution and making a difference. The smallest effort you can make in this is putting all your waste in the dustbin. Believe it or not, it can make a huge difference.

Following this approach can help you save the planet. As this waste can be recycled and then reused so the effect of global warming will certainly get reduced. You need to use reusable bags for all the products that will certainly make it easy for you to make a difference and save the planet from any kind of damage.

Time To Shift To LEDs


When it comes to LED bulbs, undoubtedly, it is quite amazing when compared to anything else. These products can last longer and are 10 times more durable when compared to other incandescent bulbs. Not only this, these bulbs are using two-thirds less energy. When it comes to these bulbs they are emitting light in narrowband wavelengths.

This makes them super energy-efficient and you must not hesitate and replace your old incandescent bulbs now. The LED bulbs now do cost more than CFLs but an equivalent LED bulbs can survive around 25,000 hours when compared to incandescent bulbs that might last around 1,000 hours.

Going For Energy-Efficient Lifestyle


It is important that you make your home a lot more energy-efficient as this can literally play a big role in saving the planet. When it comes to home windows, they are responsible for up to 30 percent of heat loss and gain. So, if they are outdated, make sure that you get them changed. The better it is the more effective it will be in terms of saving energy and yet getting excellent solutions.

When it comes to insulation, it completely depends on the climate, HVAC system type, and the place where you are adding the respective insulation. It is important that you make sure you keep your window treatments closed during the time of scorching summer and cold. In fact, you can also consider installing a thermostat and save energy big time. This can literally play a big role in saving the planet.

Using Sustainable Products


One of the best possible solutions that you must consider is starting to have sustainable products. Going for Eco-friendly products can certainly make a big difference. This means you are opting for products that will cause no harm to the environment and eventually keep the planet in better shape.

Right from using products made from products that can be biodegradable and renewable can be certainly a perfect choice to have. This will certainly play a big role in helping you have your earth completely free from products that can cost you more than you can think of. The effects of global warming can get down and eventually things will start getting better.



One of the primary steps that you must add to your schedule is plantation. The rate of deforestation is quite high and this is literally causing our planet to choke. So, we need to work on the difference and make sure that we are planting trees every now and then. This can certainly play a big role in inspiring others to do the same and eventually we can help our planet get back on its knees.

Having trees can help us remove most of the junk that is causing air pollution and eventually the planet will not choke anymore. So, you need to make sure that you are going to plantations regularly to save our planet.

Supporting Hemp


The biggest answer of the era to save the planet has to be HEMP. It can save the planet in every which way. Not only this plant can be the resource of all the products but also it can be grown anywhere. From papers to construction materials, everything can be made with the help of this plant, and that too without causing any damage to the planet.

Not only this, it plays a big role in reducing the pollution level as well. The amount of water conserved because of it can also touch peak with the assistance of this planet. So, all we need to do is to support this miracle plant and help our planet to get in better shape.

Wrap Up


This shows how we can work wonders and be able to save our planet from getting to a worse situation. We need to or else or our future will certainly be in big danger. We need to strictly follow the above mentioned pointers and do all that we can to help our planet get back. Hemp In India is doing its bits through hemp farming that can literally change the world big time.

By Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh is the CEO & Founder of Hemp in India. With Hemp in India, he has taken an initiative to Educate-Cultivate-Elevate the significance of the magical plant ‘Hemp’. Driven with the aim to save mother Earth, he is on a mission to redefine the future of Indian agriculture & create a pathway for sustainable living with the power of wonder crop Hemp.
He is actively involved in educating the benefits of industrial hemp to society and assisting farmers in discovering the best practices of cultivating hemp.

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